Showa Matcha Wa Hotcake Pancake Mix 340g

Showa Matcha Wa Hotcake Pancake Mix 340g

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With the Showa Matcha Wa Hotcake Mix you can easily make delicious and fluffy Japanese Green Tea flavored pancakes. 

The pancake mix contains two bags of real Matcha syrup from Uji (the town in Kyoto Prefecture famous for the production of high quality Japanese green tea). Mixing the syrup into the batter will add a light green color and an elegant matcha taste and aroma to your pancakes.

You can also put the syrup on top of the pancakes just before you eat if you would like to feel a stronger taste of matcha.


  1. Put an egg, milk (120ml) and the 1 bag (20g) of matcha syrup into a bowl and whisk. Add 1 bag (150g) of powder mix into it and stir very well.
  2. Warm the pan with medium heat and put it on a wet cloth once, in order to let it cool down.
  3. Put the dough into the pan.
  4. Cook with low heat for 3 to 3.5 minutes. Flip it when you can see the bubbles coming out on the surface. Cook the other side for 3 minutes and it's ready. 

❈ For a complete Japanese dessert experience add cream and Azuki Red Beans Paste as toppings.


  • Contents: 300g of pancake mix (2 individual packs of 150g each) & 40g of matcha syrup (2 packs of 20g each)
  • Made in Japan

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