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Transino Whitening Facial Mask 4 Sheets

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Transino face mask contains tranexamic acid which suppresses the generation of melanin and prevents mottled skin.

It also has another component to make the skin firm and resilient.


  • Transino is a brand from Daichii Sankyo, one of the biggest Pharma companies in Japan.
  • Mild acidity, free of fragrance and coloring.
  • Allergy tested.


After washing your face, apply your daily skin care like toner.

Take out the mask from the bag and apply on your face making sure it sticks to the skin firmly.

After 10 minutes, you can take off the mask and spread the serum left on your face.

You can put your daily skin care cream to finish. 


  • Contents: 4 sheets 
  • Made in: Japan

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