Wahei Freiz Iron Gyoza Frying Pan with Lid EM-8909-Japanese Taste

Wahei Freiz Iron Gyoza Frying Pan with Lid EM-8909

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This is a frying pan made with the purpose of cooking delicious Japanese Gyoza.

It is made of iron because gyoza should be cooked with strong fire and iron can resist high temperatures well.

Iron is also a suitable material for frying and grilling since the "oil lies in the pan" and does not repel it. 


  • Right material, right size, and right shape for cooking Gyoza.
  • Can be used on IH (Induction Heater) 100v - 200v.
  • Proudly made in Tsubame Sanjyo, Niigata, which is famous for smithery.
  • Their pans are made deeper than ordinary pans.
  • The more you use and maintain, the better the pan gets.


  • Model: EM-8909
  • Size: 414mm×131mmx 79mm
  • Weight: 805g
  • Material: Iron with silicon paint (body), Stainless copper (lid)
  • Manufacturer: Wahei Freiz
  • Made in: Japan

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