• Dr.Ci:Labo Labo Labo VC Keana Multi Functional Gel 90g-Japanese Taste

Dr.Ci:Labo Labo Labo VC Keana Multi Functional Gel 90g

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Dr.Ci:Labo Labo Labo VC Keana is a Japanese multi functional gel featuring a luxurious blend of three types of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA ) and four types of pore refining ingredients to moisture and make the skin clear.

The Natural lactic acid, malic acid, royal jelly acid and papain derivatives gently peel the old skin that causes pores to open, supporting the turnover of the skin.

The hamamelis leaf extract, artichoke leaf extract, multiflora rose fruit and lepidium sativum sprout extract will cleanse and refine pores. These 4 ingredients have pore refining properties and are suitable for troubled or rough skin, clogged pores or blackheads.

Finally, the high permeability Vitamin C derivatives tighten pores.

Contains 200% of hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen that prevent skin dryness and gives a feeling of freshness followed by real moisture.

This product is a 5 in 1 gel that can be used as toner, moisturizer, serum, mask and make-up base.

Free of 5 irritants; Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free, Mineral oil-free, Colorant-free and Paraben-free.


90g (3.2oz)

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