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About Us

Japanese Taste is the go-to online store for high-quality products Made in Japan. Our user-centric ecommerce platform makes unique Japanese products accessible from anywhere in the world. We specialize in food, beauty, health
 & home: in other words, what we do best is bring your favorite Japanese flavors, design, and wellness-related products closer to you, no matter where you are.

Mission and Values

Japanese Taste’s mission is to bring the best of Japan to your home. “The best of Japan” for us means not only the best products, but also what we admire and appreciate of this country’s history, traditions and culture.

By incorporating the Japanese concepts of “omoiyari no aru” (thoughtfulness), “reigi tadashii” (politeness, respect) and “kaizen” (strive for excellence) into our own company culture and the way we relate to our customers and partners, we feel we are treating 
 all our stakeholders the way we would like to be treated ourselves 
 - with respect, care, and with the awareness that they are provided with the best service they can possibly get.

Being customer-driven has been at our core from the very beginning, and it keeps driving our choices today. After all, Japanese Taste was born as a personal endeavor, with the only aim of sharing the best of Japanese gastronomy and spreading valuable knowledge on Japanese food culture. It became a business only as 
 a consequence of the audience’s demand for an easier, faster way to access Japanese products from anywhere in the world. That is what made and still makes us so unique: the value we put on our customers’ voices and wishes when it comes to fulfilling their needs and cultivating their interest for Japanese products and culture.

Japanese Taste is motivated by six core values that are part of our DNA and inherent in everything we do. They are the foundation of our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. Through our values, clients can expect a strong assortment of product, the best-in-class shopping experience, and to be assisted by our expertly trained customer service team.

  • Excellence

    We strive to offer the most outstanding products in the market and provide unsurpassed service that delivers premium value to our customers in every interaction they have with our brand. We find inspiration in the concept of Kaizen, the Japanese term to describe the constant strive for perfection.
  • Uniqueness & Care

    We think that every person deserves to feel special and unique, and that self-care is a way to feel empowered to be the best version of oneself. Everyone has their own way to practice self-love, and we want to make it easier to engage in beauty rituals, enjoy tasty treats and have everything needed to feel. This is why we are dedicated to making sure they receive personalized and dedicated support, just like we would like to receive it.
  • Competence

    We take pride in our reliability, efficiency and “insider knowledge” of the market and the items we are selling. We are committed to always giving our best and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value and reach "the next level", both in our service and also in our relationship with our partners, our community and our planet.
  • Honesty

    We are genuine in the way we present ourselves and always honest when it comes to giving advice and suggestions. We put our customers’ interests ahead of our own and know how important it is to earn their trust and long-term loyalty through transparency and sincerity in every interaction.
  • Integrity & Respect

    We treat all our stakeholders - employees, customers and trade partners - with respect and fairness. We highly value the brands we work with and seek to enhance and expand the reach of Japanese excellence to make even the smallest, least known companies accessible to a global audience.
  • Knowledge Sharing

    We place great value on providing valuable information on Japanese culture, and ensuring that the reason why Japanese 
 Taste came into being - helping everybody in the world get more acquainted with the Japanese way of life - remains one of our ground pillars.

Our Story

Japanese Taste began with admiration, appreciation and respect.

Appreciation for Japanese food, passion for spreading knowledge on Japanese cuisine, esteem for this culture of respect, discipline and care. Above all, admiration for a country that has made a name for itself through the high-quality and excellence of the products it produces.

It all started with an Instagram account, back in 2015. At that time we were a small nonprofit organization (NPO) whose only goal was to share real Japanese food culture around the world. In less than a year, our blog and social media accounts were attracting thousands of people from all over the world, interested in Japanese gastronomy and culture. Among the more than 30k followers and readers, many were asking for advice on where to find certain Japanese products. Once we realized the difficulty people were having in accessing Japanese products internationally, one year later, in 2016, we decided to launch an online store.

Our mission? Spreading the best 
 of Japanese culture and making it possible for anyone, from anywhere in the world and at any time, to purchase the best, most genuine items from Japan, all carefully selected by the same team whose interest and admiration for the “Japanese way of life” made this venture come to life.

Evolution of the Brand

  • 2014
    After coming to study in Japan, our Founder David starts a personal Instagram account to share the best of Japanese gastronomy. The idea of Japanese Taste is born.
  • 2015
    Reached a milestone of 10,000 followers on Instagram.
  • 2016
    After many requests from followers, Japanese Taste is formally established and an online store selling Japanese products on eBay is launched. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first online orders are packed and shipped.
  • 2017
    First self-hosted website is launched ( and more stores on marketplaces are created. The same year a new milestone of 20,000 followers on Instagram is reached.

  • 2018
    Expansion to new categories of products including household and kitchenware goods. The website in Spanish is launched.
  • 2019
    Reached a milestone of 100 countries we have shipped to.
  • 2020
    Sales keep growing and the team expands. To keep pace with the growth we relocate to a new office and warehouse in Amagasaki City (a key logistics hub in Osaka area).
  • 2021
    Expandy Co. Ltd. is formally established as the parent company of Japanese Taste and a new website for high-quality Japanese tools and supplies called Daitool is created.

Our Purpose

At Japanese Taste, you will find all our products divided into user-friendly categories to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Our website also provides the latest news, offers, promotions, and new releases so you don’t miss a thing. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about our latest deals and newest stock.

We differentiate ourselves by taking care of the whole process and the quantity, quality and variety of our offer. All you need, in one place.

Team and Location

A team of people by your side

  • Fulfillment & Operations

    Where all Japanese Taste orders come to life. Supported 
 by state of the art technologies, our FC team is dedicated to supporting customers worldwide by sorting, packing and delivering packages directly to them.
  • Customer Service Team

    We love our customers and want to make a personal connection with everyone that sends an email or picks up the phone to call us. 
Our highly skilled Agents have the freedom to search for the perfect item, assist 
with a return or exchange or just simply have a fun conversation with our customers.
  • Merchandising

    Our Merchandising department is responsible for driving the business of our company through the products sold on our site. This exciting and ever-changing department includes trying and buying products for categories such as snacks, drinks, cosmetics, kitchenware, toys and supplements. Along with buying, this department is also responsible for Pricing and Planning.
  • Digital Marketing Team

    From advertising, to content creation, to PR, to email marketing & analytics - the Digital Marketing team is responsible for promoting the Japanese Taste brand & creating demand that generates revenue for the company.
  • Finance & Accounting

    Records finances and ensures the cash flow stays on track. The finance team also prepares analysis and ensures the most up to date and reliable information is available to help make the best possible decisions.
  • Corporate & Management

    From hiring and developing high-performing teams to negotiating with key suppliers - the Corporate and Management team makes sure everything goes smooth. It also sets the direction for the company to keep growing while building a long-term enduring brand.

Fulfillment Center

Our office and warehouse are based in the second largest metropolitan area of Japan, just right in front of the Osaka Bay and between the two major cities of the area; Osaka and Kobe. Being in this location allows us to be close to our suppliers while quickly deliver our goods to customers worldwide.