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Japanese Miso

Japanese Miso

Make the perfect bowl of miso soup with our selection of miso products, from readymade instant soup servings to premium-quality miso paste if you are looking to make your own soup from scratch.

In Japan it’s common to consume miso daily, whether it’s a bowl of miso soup with breakfast or in dressings and marinades on salads and meat dishes. Miso has an abundance of essential minerals and vitamins, including vitamins B, E, K, and folic acid. It also contains good bacteria that help to promote healthy digestion.

Our selection of instant miso soup products includes a range of products from Marukome, one of Japan’s most famous miso producers with more than 160 years of history. Their instant miso soup only requires hot water to prepare and is also available in a low-sodium version for the extra health-conscious.

If it’s miso paste you’re searching for, Marukome’s range of high-quality red miso pastes are perfect for making soups and marinades and contain ingredients like bonito and konbu (kelp) to help bring out that extra umami flavor.