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Japanese Wok

Japanese Wok & Wok Utensils

Woks are essential for kitchens these days, as they're the perfect pan for cooking many types of Asian dishes. These extremely versatile pans can be used in so many ways, from stir frying, to deep frying, to boiling and poaching.

If you're looking for the best wok money can buy, you can't go past a cast iron wok. Cast iron woks, if properly seasoned and cared for, can last for decades. Japanese woks, in particular, are made from the highest quality materials by professionals who take pride in their work. So you can rest assured that you're making a sound investment in a long-term piece of cookware.

In addition to the woks themselves, we also carry a range of made in Japan wok utensils. Wok ladles are fantastic for stir frying, and are used almost exclusively by professional Chinese chefs, who rarely use tongs or spatulas. And if you're wondering how to clean a cast iron work without damaging the seasoning, our bamboo and kangaroo grass wok scrubbers are what you're looking for.