Elizabeth Poretol Pore Clear Sheet Pack 10 Sheets - Japanese Taste

Elizabeth Poretol Pore Clear Sheet Pack 10 Sheets

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Poretol clear sheet pack features charcoal and sebum absorption powder to cleanse deep inside nose pores.

After you remove the pack from nose you will have a clean nose with less visible pores.

You can cleanse the pores better if you first apply Poretol super clear gel and follow with the sheets:

Poretol Super Clear Gel 20g


  • Hamamelis extract is blended as tightening component.
  • Soft and flexible sheet, which is made to fit on nose.
  • Refreshing aroma of menthol. 


Recommended to use once a week.

After washing your face, make your nose wet with water.

With dry hands, take out the pack from a sheet and apply on your nose.

Dry the pack on your nose (about 10 to 15 minutes).

Take out the pack from outside to center.  If the pack is too dry and it hurts you when taking it off, make it wet again.

Wash your nose. 


  • Contents: 10 sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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