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KAI Sekimagoroku Damascus Santoku Knife 165mm AE5200

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High-class Japanese knife made with the aim for sharpness, comfort and functional design. Beautiful Damascus pattern on the surface of the blade that reminiscences a Japanese sword. 

What are Santoku Knives?

Santoku knives are made thinking of “three virtues” or “three uses”. In this case, the three types of cuts the knife is specially made for are: slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Some characteristics of the Santoku knives blades are they have a flat cutting edge and the handle is in line with the top edge of the blade. The end of the blade has a rounded curve called a sheep’s foot, rather than a sharp point more common in other types of knives.


  • Blade with stainless steel for avoiding rust.
  • Triangular-shaped handle provides better control and a good grip.
  • Composite wood handle brings you the look and feel of natural wood without worrying about humidity and other wood problems.


  • Total length: 293 mm
  • Blade dimensions: length 165 mm / thickness 2 mm 
  • Weight: 158g
  • Model: AE5200
  • Made in: Japan

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