Kouda Shoten Hokkaido Soy Bean Black Sesame Almond Mix Powder 90g - Japanese Taste

Kouda Shoten Kinako Soy Bean Black Sesame Almond Mix Powder 90g

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This mix powder developed by Kouda Shoten contains kinako (soy beans powder), black sesame seeds and almonds, all mixed into powder to provide all the necessary nutrients for your active life.

Start your day deliciously with the roasted soy beans taste, the black sesame toasty aroma and the mellow almonds.

And get lots of nutrients such as isoflavone, sesamin, vitamin E and more, to start the day with more energy and support your active life.

The soy beans used to make this kinako (or soy beans powder) are domestically grown in Hokkaido, Japan.


You can eat it as it is. 

Or you can also put the powder on top or inside of pancakes, cookies, ice creams, milk, or yogurt as you want.


    • Contents: 90g (3.2oz)
    • Manufacturer: Kouda Shoten
    • Made in: Japan 

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