Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Facial Cleansing Foam 120g

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Facial Cleansing Foam 120g

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Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip is a Japanese facial cleansing foam that removes dirt, oil, makeup, sebum and other impurities from pores while keeping skin barrier moist.

This lightweight foam cleanser contains hydrating agents, including amino acid, for smoothing and maintaining the natural moisture of the skin.

Perfect whip cleanser forms a rich, fine and soft foam that penetrates into the pores to clean any impurity and excess sebum while leaving skin clean, smooth and hydrated.

is surprisingly heavy duty when it comes to lifting grime away, ready to be rinsed off for an immaculate clean that doesn't strip skin of needed oil and moisture. The super rich, fine and elastic bubbles gives you a perfect cleansing experience with comfort & clean.

How to Use:

Wet hand and take a pea sized amount of cleanser. Lather up with hands or with the help of a net or sponge adding drops of water as needed. When the foam is made, massage gently onto face, cleanse and finally rinse thoroughly with water.

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