Ishizawa Lab

When you find products from Ishizawa Lab in the cosmetics aisle or in online stores selling Japanese cosmetics, you may be intrigued by their eye-catching package design. This is actually what the brand intends: they have been ambitious enough to create special products with uniqueness and originality to give consumers a sense of amusement and surprise.

Their flagship sub-brand Keana Nadeshiko is quite famous among consumers of beauty products, especially those who are concerned about their pores. Formulated with rice-based components, baking soda, and botanical ingredients, Keana Nadeshiko products are designed to tighten your pores while nourishing your skin to prevent the reoccurrence of blackened and widely-opened pores.

Another major line from Ishizawa, Toumei Shirohada, is also unique and worth trying. It is a hybrid cosmetic that allows you to obtain clear skin and remove melanin to make you look brighter in terms of tone. Touch your skin after applying products from Toumei Shirohada series and notice the difference.

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