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Konjac Jelly

Konjac Jelly

Shop our collection of delicious and fruity-flavored konjac jelly snacks. Konjac jelly is a popular and healthier alternative for jelly snacks in Japan because it is low in calories yet still tasty. Konjac jelly is made from the starch of the konjac plant and is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. In fact, it is actually a highly nutritious Japanese vegetable!

An appealing point about konjac jelly is that it is virtually flavorless, meaning that it absorbs the flavor of whatever ingredient you add to it quite nicely. You won't feel like you have to sacrifice the yummy flavor of fruit jelly with konjac jelly, and you won't have to feel guilty about indulging in such a tasty treat due to the fact that konjac is so low in calories.

You'll surely find your new favorite flavor of konjac jelly in our collection because we only carry the most delicious flavors that we feel everyone will love! Discover your new favorite konjac jelly snack today.