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Benriner is a Japanese mandolin slicer manufacturer that has been operating its business since 1945. Each blade of the slicer is made from premium stainless steel to create sharp and long interchangeable blades, so you can create beautiful and precise vegetable garnishes by using their products. Everyone regardless of their cooking skill of cooking is guaranteed to be able to cut vegetables and fruits in an elegant way.

Their best-selling product Benriner Super Mandoline, for instance, comes with three different blades to help you achieve your desired results depending on what you are attempting to create. Its fine blade is perfect for creating pro-quality carrots or radishes; the medium blade allows you to create clean slices of onions, peppers, radishes, beets, and zucchini easily; and the coarse blade is suitable for making chunky and crisp cuts of fruits and vegetables. Exercise your originality and ingenuity to create wonderful dishes with Benriner’s slicers.