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Itoen Everyday Aojiru Green Juice Powder 20 Sticks

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Itoen Aojiru is intended for people who does not like the strong taste of green juice.

Unlike many other bitter Aojiru green juice, this one contains honey, soy milk, and sugar that make the taste mildly sweet


  • There are 5 Japan made vegetables blended such as; barley young leaves, broccolis, kales, green tea, and spinach. 
  • For 1 pack, there are 30 barley young leaves blended.
  • It also has seaweed calcium blended.


Recommended to consume 1-2 bags per day.

Put 1 bag of powder into water and mix well.

You can also add the green juice powder into yogurt, milk or hot milk.

It's also tasty for making smoothies with fruits. 


  • Contents: 7.5g × 20 bags
  • Made in Japan

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