Backache due to a continuous standing work, stiff shoulders that comes from constant desk work, and knee pain derived from a hard workout… no matter your occupation and activity, everyone is living with the risk of pain. A solution for this is to use the Feitas pain relief patches from Japanese medical firm Hisamitsu.

Feitas patches are formulated with a high concentration of anti-inflammatory components to help you retain the vitality of your activity. These patches are flexible and stretch in all directions to ensure a tight and stable adhesion on to the skin. Simply adhere patches and leave them for a while to gain comfort and peace of mind.

Choose the right Hisamitsu patches according to how serious the pain is. For minor pain, Salonpas can handle it, while if your pain is so serious that you have trouble carrying out daily activities, the Feitas Zα Alpha Dicsas may be helpful for you. You should keep at least one of these Feitas products in your family medicine case.