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    Edobio harks back to the Edo period (1603-1868) and has a long history of popularity. The brand embraces the beauty wisdom of ancient Japan by employing natural ingredients and innovative biotechnology.

    The name "EDOBIO" stems from the fusion of "Edo," representing the Edo period, and "Biotechnology," signifying advanced technology. EDOBIO transforms the simplistic yet profound beauty techniques of the past into a highly refined beauty regimen, harnessing its unique biotechnology.

    By returning to the fundamentals, Edobio contemplates the needs of the present and the future. The brand remains committed to redefining modern beauty by creating innovative products that contribute to the well-being of the world.

    Edobio's commitment to materials includes unique ingredients like BiProGE® lactic acid bacteria, which leverages the power of microorganisms and minerals in the soil to regulate skin rhythm. Additionally, sake lees, fermented with BiProGE lactic acid bacteria, provide a distinctive moisturizing component that enhances skin texture and combats dryness-induced dullness. Furthermore, Edobio incorporates blueberry leaf and stem extract from Miyazaki Prefecture, known for its rich proanthocyanidin content, a renowned polyphenol recognized for its exceptional benefits. These key ingredients form the foundation of Edobio products to deliver healthy results to your skin without causing any harm or damage. 

    The name "EDOBIO" is derived from the amalgamation of "Edo," symbolizing the Edo period, and "Biotechnology," indicating cutting-edge technology. EDOBIO seamlessly combines the simple yet profound beauty practices of yesteryears, leveraging its distinctive biotechnological advancements to craft an exceptionally sophisticated beauty routine.

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