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    Lacquerware, a time-honored tradition in Japan, has gradually faded from everyday life worldwide. To revive the essence of lacquerware and reintegrate it into daily living, Isuke made it their mission to revive the integration of lacquerware into daily life.

    As Isuke has expanded their presence not only within Japan but also around the world, they rekindled their appreciation for lacquerware's fundamental qualities: the warmth of wood, the richness of lacquer, and the artistry of decoration. Isuke truly believes that the key, both at home and abroad, is to convey simplicity and offer people the opportunity to experience it.

    By uniting the time-honored craftsmanship of lacquerware, honed over generations, encompassing woodwork, lacquer painting, and decorative techniques, with contemporary design, Isuke has successfully been able to elegantly express its allure. Isuke's mission remains to create products that infuse a touch of joy—be it comfort, solace, moisture, or benevolence—into everyday life through lacquerware, a traditional Japanese touch.

    "Isuke" isn't just the English rendition of the brand's name; it encapsulates the following principles:

    i: International - Striving for global utility, transcending Japan's borders.

    s: Simple - Boasting simple designs that seamlessly blend with your everyday living space, conveying the beauty of lacquerware.

    u: Unique - Offering something distinctive and exclusive to Isuke.

    k: Kind - Crafting products with thoughtfulness for those who use them.

    e: Enjoyable - Enhancing the joy and excitement in your life through their use.

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