Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. is a general food product maker in Japan and is one of the largest players in this field. They produce a wide variety of things, from beverages, including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to snacks to supplements. When you visit supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores in Japan, you will always see things from Asahi for sale.

In terms of beverages, the Asahi Super Dry beer is definitely their flagship product because most restaurants and izakaya Japanese pubs serve this beer to customers, while their Nikka Whisky is a long-selling whisky, regarded as the standard whisky in Japan. Asahi’s alcoholic drinks have a huge influence on the Japanese market.

In contrast, Asahi’s supplements attract consumers from overseas because of their quality. Their collagen supplement called Perfect Asta Collagen Powder features a rich collagen content and a wide variation of nutrients to promote the user’s overall beauty. Their Dear-Natura supplements are ideal for health-oriented consumers as they minimize the use of additives while being formulated with carefully-chosen ingredients. From dining to health promotion, Asahi always offers you a wide range of choices.