Established in 1974, this Hokkaido-based manufacturer is producing various types of grocery snacks made from ingredients in Hokkaido including processed agricultural/marine products. As Hokkaido is surrounded by a rich natural environment, they are passionate about developing products with the essence of nature’s gifts.

Daihoku’s main business is the production of nori seaweed. For example, their flagship brand Norisuke consists of a wide range of roasted nori seaweed sheets, ranging from a bite-sized version for seasoning to a whole-sized sheet suitable for making homemade sushi rolls. The nori seaweed is carefully selected by their experienced chefs, so its quality is guaranteed. Interestingly, they even offer roasted seaweed sheets with unique seasonings such as Hokkaido butter, curry, and wasabi horseradish. Daihoku respects the production of traditional Japanese food while attempting to market these in stylish and unconventional ways and realize new potential.