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    Kamebishi is a soy sauce producer with an impressive 260-year milestone, tracing its origins back to 1753 when Iyemon, the 7th generation of the Okada family, founded the company. Today, Kamebishi proudly represents the 18th generation of the Okada family.

    One factor that really makes Kamebishi stand out is that they remain to be the sole brewery to uphold the traditional method of making "koji." This technique imparts a distinctive richness and depth of flavor to Kamebishi soy sauce-based products. This enduring dedication to making koji and following traditional soy sauce brewing methods passed down through generations, now serves as the brand's invaluable legacy and an inspiring source for innovative product development.

    While sticking to traditional making methods remains invaluable to the brand, sourcing safe ingredients is also held to the highest standard. Kamebishi proudly uses only domestically sourced soybeans, wheat, and raw salt, which remain free from genetic modification. Kamebishi has always been on an unwavering quest for enhanced flavor, especially by using natural ingredients.

    The driving force behind Kamebishi extends beyond the essence of "Kamebishi-ness" in soy sauce production. It encompasses a daily commitment to embracing challenges and discoveries while embracing the "Kamebishi-ness" of the current times.

    Kamebishi, a soy sauce producer founded in 1753, now in its 18th generation, preserves tradition and insists on sourcing only safe, non-GMO ingredients to enhance the flavor of its products. They are committed to bringing consumers soy sauce-based products that are delicious, innovative, and are only made with the most top-quality of ingredients. 

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