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    For close to two centuries, Fukuyamasu has upheld the art of black vinegar production in Fukuyama Town, where a distinctive feature sets their black vinegar apart from the rest - the utilization of open-air pots known as Naeshiro River pots. This age-old brewing method, which has been passed down since around 1820, involves placing raw materials like brown rice, water, and koji into ceramic pots that are lined up in the open air, one pot at a time. Some of these pots boast a history of nearly 200 years, with most being three-toed and having a capacity of 54 liters. This area where the pots are meticulously arranged is fondly known as the "pot field" and stands as a source of pride for the region, specifically Yamashige.

    Fukuyama Vinegar's black vinegar manufacturing process is a testament to their commitment to tradition and quality. It begins with the selection of domestically sourced brown rice, with a keen eye for a lustrous appearance and the absence of excessive oil and fat content, which might not be suitable for fermentation and saccharification. The brewing water, drawn from Fukuyama-cho in Kirishima City, plays a crucial role in the process. It undergoes rigorous testing for taste, odor, water quality reaction, and hardness. Only the best natural deep water, known for its consistent lack of taste and odor throughout the seasons, is deemed suitable.

    Over a period of approximately 3 to 6 months, Fukuyamasu kurosu black vinegar undergoes saccharification, alcohol fermentation, and acetic acid fermentation, resulting in black vinegar distinguished by its sweet and sour aroma. Over the course of six months to two years, the color, taste, and aroma unique to natural brewing develop, and Fukuyama vinegar emerges as a masterpiece of natural food. This intricate process reflects the dedication of Fukuyamasu to producing top-quality black vinegar using traditional methods and pristine, natural ingredients.

    Fukuyamasu Kurozu Black Vinegar has been produced for nearly 200 years using traditional brewing methods and only carefully selected ingredients including brown rice, water, and koji. In addition, skilled craftsmen carefully prepare each jar of kurozu to ensure the best results. Due to these intricacies, Fukuyamasu has been registered under the Geographical Indication (GI) system, which is registered under Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 

    This astonishing accomplishment has earned the company high quality and favorable reviews through special production methods that have been cultivated in the region over many years.

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