Japanese Candy & Chocolate

Japanese Candy & Chocolate

Those who love sweet treats should check out Japanese Taste’s selection of Japanese candy and chocolate to satisfy any sugary cravings. Stock up on all your favorite traditional Japanese candies such as ramune soda candy – fizzy sweets that taste exactly like the popular citrus drink, or Fujiya Milky Candy – rich and creamy tasting chewy candies that have been popular in Japan for more than 70 years.

Try unique chocolate snacks such as Muji’s collection of chocolate covered strawberries in a variety of flavors including matcha, milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate, and white chocolate, or raw chocolate pieces coated with high grade matcha powder. For a fun treat, why not try a novelty chocolate item like the Glico Strawberry Chocolate Cones that look exactly like ice creams.

Our extensive selection of gummy candies includes fruity items like the juicy UHA Kororo Grape Gummy, made with 100% grape juice, and Meiji’s Peach Gummy Candies that also contain the beauty boosting ingredient of collagen to help improve skin elasticity.

There’s also a range of traditional Japanese ‘dagashi’ sweets available to purchase like Meiji’s cola bottle gummies and konpeito sugar candy, whilst the totally fearless can try an umeboshi candy (Japanese pickled plum).

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