Kameda Seika

If rice is Japanese people’s staple food (although it is said that bread has become more popular than rice among them in recent years), senbeis (rice crackers) from Kameda Seika are their staple snack. When you wish to try Japanese snacks and are planning to start with rice crackers, Kameda Seika is the brand for you.

Their wide selection means their rice crackers are able to meet all types of consumer need. For beginners, try Kaki no Tane (a mixture of spicy rice crackers and salty peanuts); consumers who prefer a soft texture and mild taste should try Soft Salad; and if you like a sweet flavor, their Age Ichiban fried rice cracker or classic Potapota Yaki senbei will satisfy your taste buds.

Other Kameda products that are worth mentioning include the Karesen (curry-flavored rice cracker), Norimaki Senbei (rice crackers wrapped in a nori seaweed sheet), and Happy Turn (oval-shaped crackers seasoned with a unique and somewhat addictive powder). Fill your snack bowl with Kameda’s rice crackers.