Nichiban is a specialist in adhesives and is famous for its wide selection, from scotch-tape to bandages. While most of their adhesive products are available can reliably be found in many stores in Japan, their compact, round pain relief patches called Roihi Tsuboko have gained popularity among global consumers.

Roihi Tsuboko is a heat-type medical patch that provides fast relief for stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and sore muscles. Once you stick this plaster on your body, you will start to sense a feeling of warmth: due to its active ingredient, it produces a tingling heat stimulation that improves the blood circulation in the affected area, and this thermal sensation is expected to relieve shoulder pains. You can also stick several plasters on very painful areas; Roihi Tsuboko contains a large number of patches so you can feel free to use as many as you like. If you dislike your body being warmed, their cool version is the one for you.

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