Ajinomoto Nabe Cube Hot Pot Dashi Stock Soy Sauce Flavour 8 Cubes-Japanese Taste

Ajinomoto Nabe Cube Hot Pot Dashi Stock Soy Sauce Flavour 8 Cubes

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With Ajinomoto broth cubes you can enjoy one of Japan's traditional winter favorites; nabe.

These small cubes contain all of the necessary broth ingredients for nabe, the traditional clear Japanese soup containing any of a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fish, meats, and flavors, and by tradition cooked in a ceramic bowl also called nabe.

You can also use these seasoning cubes to add flavour to any other dishes such as; stews, soups, risottos, pasta, etc.

This Nabe Cube has soy sauce flavour. A broth with a mild soy sauce flavour and a good balance of chicken bone soup and scallop soup.


  • A complete broth in a single serving.
  • Small, convenient, delicious broth cubes.
  • Easy to use; simply dissolving the cubes into water.
  • Enjoy different Japanese dashi flavours with Ajinomoto Nabe Cubes series.


Use 1 cube for 180ml (6.08oz)  of water.

Put vegetables, meat or fish into a pot with a cube (or cubes) and water. You can enjoy a hot pot by just boiling and cook everything together in the pot.

You can also use the soup for cooking any other dishes you want.


  • Flavour: Soy Sauce Soup Base
  • Contents: 8 cubes (66g)
  • Made in: Japan

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