Arax Pitta Mask Anti-Pollution Face Mask Kids Cool 3P-Japanese Taste

Arax Pitta Mask Anti-Pollution Face Mask Kids Cool 3P

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Pitta Mask Kids Cool is a fashionable and ergonomic Japanese face mask for kids made with a new polyurethane material that has a pollen capture rate of 99% and a UV cut rate above 92%.

Pitta Mask Kids Cool comes with 3 different colours; Blue, Gray, and Yellow-Green to protect your kids and at the same time make them look cool.

There is also a different set of colours called Kids Sweet.


  • Has an ergonomic design that fits well in the face and does not make glasses fogged. It is also easy to breathe.
  • In addition, Pitta Mask can be washed up to three times and still the capture ratio will be 99%.
  • UV cut rate of 98% for the gray mask, 93% for the blue and 92% for the yellow-green one.


  • Product Size: W130mm×D18mm×H210mm
  • Target: Pollen, cold, dust, pollution, etc.
  • Size: Kids
  • Contents: 3 masks (3 different colors)
  • Made in Japan

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