Aux Uchicook Steam Grill with Glass Lid Red UCS16RD-Japanese Taste

Aux Uchicook Steam Grill with Glass Lid Red UCS16RD

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Uchicook Steam Grill steams and grills food at the same time, shortening cooking time and preventing essential nutrients from being stripped during the cooking process.

The thick plate retains and distributes heat evenly for quicker cooking.

The slick, ribbed and non-sticky surface drains excess grease and requires no cooking oil.

The Steam Grill can be used over direct flame, IH, or any other source of high-heat and features stay-cool handles.


  1. Preheat the steam grill on medium heat.
  2. Grill ingredients on the grill to get the grill marks. Skip this step if you only want to steam the food.
  3. Pour some cooking liquid such as water, wine or broth in to the ridge. Cover with the lid and let it steam until done.
  4. Hand-wash after the griller has completely cooled down.


  • Item model: UCS16RD
  • Made in: Japan

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