Cotton Labo Bubbly Carbonic Facial Mask with Vitamin C 3 Sheets-Japanese Taste

Cotton Labo Bubbly Carbonic Facial Mask with Vitamin C 3 Sheets

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This facial mask made with natural cotton generates a carbonic bubbly-feeing and leads to a resilient and hydrated skin by just making the masks wet with water.

You can now easily experience carbonic facial mask at home and take care of your skin in an innovative way. 


3 types of Cotton Labo Carbonic Facial Mask:

  1. Bubbly Carbonic Facial Mask (blue box): compared to the other 2 types, you will feel more bubble effect with carbonic acid, which leads to a better blood circulation.
  2. Carbonic Facial Mask with hydrogen (pink box): contains hydrogen with antioxidant effect, and it has less bubbly feeling compared to the the blue type.
  3. Carbonic Facial Mask with VitaminC derivative (yellow box): contains Vitamin C derivative which is indispensable for generating collagen. It also has gentle bubbly feeling. 


Cleanse makeup and make the skin clean.

Spread the mask and make the entire mask wet with cold or warm water. 

Apply the mask on your face and let it stay about 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, wash the face with water and follow with your skin care routine.


  • Contents: 1 box contains 3 facial mask sheets
  • Made in: Japan 

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