• Cotton Labo Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins 20 Pads-Japanese Taste

Cotton Labo Organic Cotton Sanitary Napkins 20 Pads

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These Cotton Labo sanitary napkins surface are made with 100% organic cotton, free of chemicals and pesticides, for your better comfort and care.


  • The organic cotton used to make these feminine sanitary napkins has been grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 
  • Has a very good breathability.
  • Gives you comfort without stress for skin, smell, and itchiness.
  • It has little quantity of polymers, just to enhance absorption.
  • You can some times see the black or yellow dots, but there is no problem since those are just part of natural cotton.


It is made with very soft material so please use it with care.

Change the napkins frequently.

Please be careful when you use it during your sleep or when your flow is heavy.


  • Format: without wings / with wings
  • Contents: 20 pads
  • Size: 21 cm each pad
  • Made in: Japan

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