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Cow Additive-Free Makeup Cleansing Milk 150ml

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Cleansing milk made by a soap company with more than 100 years of history for people who have sensitive skin.

This cleanser is mainly made of plant derived oil and contains no paraffinum liquid. 


  • It gently cleanses dirts and makeups on your skin.
  • Ceramide keeps your skin hydrated even after rinsing off the soap.
  • Free of coloring, preservative, fragrance, stabiliser, and alcohol.


Take 3 - 4 pushes of the cleanser on your hand and apply on your face.

Spread on makeup and dirts as you gently massage your skin.

Rinse off well with water or warm water. 


  • Contents: 150ml
  • Type: pump bottle
  • Made in: Japan

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