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    Daishin Japanese Wood Handle Steak Knife 230mm-Japanese Taste
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    Japanese Taste

    Daishin Japanese Wood Handle Steak Knife 230mm

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    In most cases, adopting the idea of simple is best is the wisest approach when selecting products, and cutlery is no exception. If you are looking for a steak knife but have no idea which one to buy, add this product to your saved-for-later list in your mind.

    The blade is made of a first-class steel with a traditional hand forging that enables supreme sharpness and smooth cut-through due to its extra thin blade and acute edge. The serrated edge also allows you to cut stringy meat with ease.

    The handle is made of wood that gives a natural and warm touch to the knife. It is also equipped with a bolster and rivets so it hardly ever rattles nor gets loose even under heavy use.

    • Materials: High-end molybdenum steel (blade) / wood (handle)
    • Model: 12504721
    • Overall size: 230mm
    • Notes: Watch your hands while using and washing. This product is not suitable for cutting bones and frozen foods. This product is handmade, so its size and weight may slightly vary.
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