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DHC New Slim Diet Support Supplement 80 Capsules

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DHC New Slim supplement supports diet of people who want to eat without limiting themselves too much. 

It has 8 kinds of components that help if you are on diet by resolving unnecessary fat, sugar or sodium.

It also, features Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 which help the components to work efficiently.


Recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day in several times with warm water.

Please refrain from consuming this product if you have any allergy.

Please stop consuming if you have any abnormal condition after taking it. 


  • Ingredients: gymnemic (120mg), lecitin (40mg), melilot (40mg), du zong (concentrated 20mg), barley extract (20mg), peptide (40mg), sea alga (200mg), and citrus aurantium (40mg), Vitamin B1 (12mg), Vitamin B2 (12mg), and Vitamin B6 (12mg).
  • Contents: 80 capsules for 20 days
  • Made in: Japan

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