• Imuraya Yude Azuki Prepared Sweet Red Beans 200g-Japanese Taste

Imuraya Yude Azuki Prepared Sweet Red Beans 200g

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Imuraya Yude Azuki or prepared Japanese sweet azuki beans from Hokkaido origin. The azuki red beans have been boiled with water and natural sugar until becoming soft and mellow.

Yude Azuki is mainly used for Japanese confectionery, for example to make zenzai, oshiruko, dorayaki, taiyaki, etc.

It is also used as a topping for toasts, ice cream or mochi.


Put the contents of one package of this item into a pot with 160 ml of water, then boil them from 1 to 2 minutes and ready to serve or use.

Can be served either hot or cold.


  • Net weight: 200g / 7oz
  • Made in Japan

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