Kadoya Pure Black Sesame Oil 150g-Japanese Taste

Kadoya Pure Black Sesame Oil 150g

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The Kadoya Black Sesame Oil is even richer and has a stronger roasting aroma than the regular and long-selling Kadoya Sesame Oil.

This pure black sesame oil is made with carefully selected sesame seeds and unique manufacturing methods.

Kadoya is a sesame oil producing company with more than 150 years of history and located on a small island in Japan from where it exports their products all over the world.


  • Kadoya Black Sesame Oil is only made from selected sesame seeds.  No additives or other ingredients added.
  • Sesame is rich in fiber, calcium, iron, and sesamin.
  • Rich in healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • Sesamin is an antioxidant that beats reactive oxiygen expecially in liver.


You can eat as it is by putting on salad, steamed vegetables, soup, fried egg, or you can cook with fish, meat, pasta and rice as you like.

Just by adding a few drops, you can feel the rich roasting aroma like melting into the taste.


  • Contents: 150g
  • Format: Glass bottle
  • Made in: Japan

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