Kaneson Lansinoh Breast and Nipple Skin Care Oil 10g-Japanese Taste

Kaneson Lansinoh Breast and Nipple Skin Care Oil 10g

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Lansinoh skin care oil eases papilla and breast skin trouble especially during breast feeding period by hydrating and softening the skin. 

Lanisinoh is made of Lanolin, which is derived from sheep wool. Lanolin has an effect that softens skin. Its affinity, adherability, madidans, and hydration effects are superior.


  • You do not have to wipe off Lansinoh before feeding breast milk and it is not a problem if babies lick it.
  • It's also effective if you start applying Lanisinoh before childbirth.
  • Free or additives and fragrance 
  • Popular among Japanese moms
  • Recommended by obstetrics


Simply apply on your skin and spread with your clean fingers.

If the cream is being hard, soften it with your fingers before applying.


  • Contents: 10g (0.35oz)
  • Made in: Japan

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