Kewpie Japanese Baby Food Creamy Salmon & Potato Stew 9M+ 100g


This Kewpie Japanese baby food is ideal for babies older than 9 months who are able to eat chopped solid foods. It contains minced salmon, potatoes, carrots and corn that have been simmered together in a creamy white sauce.

It's super easy to prepare, it can be eaten cold, or heated up in the microwave. It's perfect as-is, with no need to add any additional ingredients, and minimal dirty dishes! The pouch has a wide base and is self-supporting, meaning you can easily use it as a dish and feed your child directly from it.

Kewpie is a renowned Japanese brand which has been producing baby food for more than 50 years. They put quality and safety first. In this regard, they carefully select the ingredients, and their baby food is free of preservatives, coloring and fragrances.

Expand the bottom of the pouch so that it can stand up. The pouch has two cutting lines. Cut the top off of the pouch at the first line, and microwave for 10 seconds at 500-600 watts. Mix well after heating. Cut the top of the pouch at the second line, and use it as a serving dish. Be sure to check the temperature before feeding your child. 

  • Net contents: 100g
  • Ingredients: Potatoes, carrots, corn, cornstarch, minced salmon, fried onions, chicken extract, dried mashed potatoes, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate
  • Nutrition facts (per 100g): 43kcal, 1g protein, 0.3g fat, 9.0g carbohydrates, 100mg calcium
  • This dish is for babies older than 9 months old.
  • Made in Japan
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