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Kosé Make Keep Mist Ex Makeup Setting Spray 85ml


Kosé Make Keep Mist Ex Makeup Setting Spray is the ultimate solution for maintaining flawless makeup throughout the day! Infused with makeup coat ingredients, this setting spray firmly holds your makeup in place, adapting to your facial movements for a smudge-free, beautiful finish.

Formulated with sweat and sebum-proof ingredients, it effectively repels sweat, water, and sebum, keeping shine and smearing at bay. Embrace the added benefit of moisturizing ingredients that prevent dryness, providing a continuous burst of fresh moisture.

  • Experience an evolved mist that creates a uniform film, preventing makeup from fading and ensuring a long-lasting finish.
  • Say goodbye to makeup transfer on masks – this setting spray keeps your foundation intact even when wearing a mask.
  • Effectively repels sweat, water, and sebum, preventing shine and smearing with added sweat and sebum-proof ingredients.
  • Embrace the moisturizing benefits that prevent dryness, providing a continuous burst of fresh moisture for a hydrated look.
  • Delight in a refreshing floral scent without any added coloring, enhancing your makeup experience with a subtle and pleasant aroma.

After finishing your makeup routine, hold the spray at arm's length, close your eyes, and mist evenly across your face.

Avoid touching your skin. Let the mist dry naturally for optimal results.

For mask wear, trust in the setting spray to secure your makeup.

When removing, use a proper makeup remover or cleansing oil for a gentle and effective cleanse.

  • Net contents: 85ml 
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