Kosé is a Japanese cosmetics brand that was founded in 1946 with the intention of creating high-quality products that gave consumers dreams and hope, despite the post-war shortages. Since then, the brand has developed into one of the giants of Japanese cosmetics. They recently developed a new type of corporate philosophy called Adaptability∞: the idea of promoting value creation that is sure to satisfy all consumers regardless of their age, gender, race, skin type, etc.

Their popularly-known product line is Sekkisei. Mainly formulated with oriental herbs and plants, its skincare products cause fewer irritations to your skin while nourishing it with a crystal-clear finish. Rehydrate your skin with the power of Japanese plants.

Their Clear Turn White Mask is also one of the best-selling facial sheet mask brands in Japan. They have a collection of facial masks made from washi (Japanese paper) and a mixture of job’s tears extract and Japanese spa water. It is said that this brand is ideal for pore tightening with little risk of causing skin problems after use.