• Kowa Vantelin Thermal Knee Supporter Medium Size-Japanese Taste

Kowa Vantelin Thermal Knee Supporter Medium Size

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Vantelin Knee Supporter made with self-heat fibers that support and warm your knee while walking or climbing stairs.

The innovative fiber material absorbs the moisture from sweat and converts the kinetic energy from moisture into heat for your knees even in cold weather.

U shaped and long size design that supports the movement of the knee without rubbing and keeps it warm.

It is also easy to bend and stretch with the Vantelin knee supporter.


Measure the circumference of the knee over the kneecap to determine the right size.

Choose the proper knee supporter according to the sizes below:

・ Small: 31cm-34cm
・ Medium: 34cm-37cm
Large: 37cm-40cm


  • Contents: 1 count for either right or left knee.
  • Size: Medium 34cm-37cm
  • Made in Japan

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