Morinaga Milk Cocoa Instant Chocolate Drink 300g-Japanese Taste

Morinaga Milk Cocoa Instant Chocolate Drink 300g

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Morinaga Milk Cocoa is made with carefully selected cocoa beans and high-quality rich powdered milk to achieve a superior and delicate taste.

Long and best-selling Japanese instant chocolate drink. Launched in 1919 this Milk Cocoa drink still has the top market share in Japan.

Very easy to make. You just have to add water or milk to the powdered solution.


Put 1 spoon-full cocoa powder in a cup (20g).

Prepare 120ml of hot water or hot milk and pour only a bit of it into a cup.

Stir well as if you are kneading the powder, and then add there rest of the water or milk and mix again.

❈You can also use this product for confectionery or decoration for other sweets.


  • Contents: 300g
  • Energy: 77kcal per 20g
  • Made in: Japan

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