• Nagatanien Otona no Furikake Rice Seasoning Katsuo Bonito Flavor 12.5g-Japanese Taste

Nagatanien Otona no Furikake Rice Seasoning Katsuo Bonito Flavor 12.5g

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Delicious Furikake featuring soy sauce flavored bonito flakes and crunchy nori seaweed, which turns your ordinary rice to a tasty Japanese dish.

Furikake is a popular Japanese topping for rice. Otona-no means "for adults" in Japanese. But, it is not only for grown-ups. Here, “otona” also implies high quality.

In Japan, furikake seasoning is normally preferred by children. Nagatanien has made this premium furikake for adults, incorporating selected ingredients that makes rich aroma and flavour.

This rice seasoning series have been long selling in Japan and they are now loved by both children and adults.


  • More than 90% of people are satisfied with the product according to company's market research. 
  • Contains plenty of high quality Japanese Nori seaweed.
  • Contains katsuo (or bonito); a type of fish with a taste similar to tuna.
  • Convenient package to carry anywhere.


Simply sprinkle on rice, you can eat it as it is. 

You can also top on salads, noodles, soups or any of your favorite foods.


  • Contents: 12.5g (2.5g × 5 sachets)
  • Nutrition: 9 kcal per bag
  • Made in: Japan

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