• pdc Wafood Made SK Sake Lees Face Mask 10 Sheets-Japanese Taste

pdc Wafood Made SK Sake Lees Face Mask 10 Sheets

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Wafood SK Mask contains Japanese Sake lees extract to make your skin firm and hydrated.

Sake lees (or Sake kasu in Japanese) is the remaining yeast from sake fermentation.

Sake lees is used in Japanese food and cosmetics. Probably, you have tried it drinking amazake (the traditional sweet Japanese drink made from fermented rice) or in pickles.

As commented, sake lees is also used in beauty since it is very beneficial for the skin. If you are interested in Sake lees cosmetics or beauty components, this is an easy way to try it out.


  • The sake lees is carefully chosen and produced by a sake brewery in Kumamoto, Japan.
  • Sake lees (sake kasu) contains lots of moisture.
  • Other beauty components like cucumber extract, yuzu citrus extract, and rice ceramide are blended.
  • The mask is thick and has 3 layers, which delivers beauty components deep inside cell layers.
  • It also covers worrisome spots like under your eyes and around your mouth.


After you wash your face, apply the mask on your face. 

Let it stay for 5 - 10 minutes and take it off.

Spread the serum left on your face. 


  • Contents: 10 sheets
  • Made in:  Japan

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