• Sana Hadanomy Hydrating Collagen Mist 250ml-Japanese Taste

Sana Hadanomy Hydrating Collagen Mist 250ml

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Sana Hadanomy is a high hydrating mist containing "micro collagen" which is small enough for the skin to absorb quickly inside the cells.

The whole bottle contains 1000mg of this micro collagen and you can easily spread the mist all over your face with one push. 

In addition to the collagen, it's got Hyaluronan Na, Acerola extract, and honey as effective moisturizing ingredients.


  • Free of artificial colors and paraffinum liquidum.
  • Completed non-comedogenic testing and patch testing.
  • You will feel gentle aroma of essential oils.


Simply squirt the mist on your face after washing face, before putting make up on or even on the face with already make up on.


  • Contents: 250ml (8.5oz)
  • Made in: Japan

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