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Svelty Pakkun Black Ginger Supplement 225 Tablets (for 45 Days)


Black ginger and long pepper have long been used in diet support supplements in Japan, and this Svelty Pakkun supplement is one of the most popular varieties.

If you're interested in trying black ginger and long pepper supplementation, to see if their purported health benefits work for you, this supplement is what you're looking for.

It contains a large volume of 225 tablets (sufficient for 45 days); try this supplement for a month and a half, and see whether you notice any difference.

Consume up to 5 tablets per day. Take them with cold or warm water.

  • Net contents: 225 tablets (for 45 days)
  • Nutrition facts (per 5 tablets): Energy 4.83kcal, protein 0.015g, fat 0.023g, carbohydrate 1.14g, sodium 0.00025g
  • Potential allergens: None
  • Note: Children, pregnant, and lactating women cannot consume this product.
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