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Yukihira Pot Stainless Steel Deep Saucepan 20cm


This is a yukihira cooking pan that can handle almost all kinds of cooking tasks. Yukihira refers to a saucepan with a pouring spout on its side.

The cooking surface has a fluorite coating called Silkware. This specialty resin prevents foods from burning and sticking to the surface and also facilitates cleansing.

This pan has spouts on both ends, so you can easily pour juices or drain unnecessary liquids regardless of which is your dominant hand.

The wooden handle fits nicely with your hand and prevents your hand from burning even when you grip the saucepan while cooking.

What makes this product convenient is the fact that it is compatible with various heat sources including IH, direct flame, radiant heater, halogen heater, sealed hot plate, and sheath heater.

  • Materials: SUS443 21-0 stainless steel, Silkware fluorite resin coating (cooking surface) / wood (handle)
  • Pan size: φ20cm
  • Maximum capacity: 2.1 liter
  • Weight: 470g
  • Compatible heat sources: IH (100V / 200V), direct flame (gas burning), radiant heater, halogen heater, sealed hot plate, and sheath heater
  • Note: To prevent corrosion, avoid cooking foods that are high in salt concentration and acidity for a long time, and do not nest this pan together with those made of aluminum or iron.
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