Japan Gals

If your favorite skincare item is a facial sheet, and are looking for something new, try some masks from Japan Gals. Japan Gals offers a wide range of premium Japanese sheet masks made from 100% natural cotton. Their selection of masks includes their popular Pure 5 series, including Pure 5 Essence Mask CO, a mask that is soaked with pure essences and moisturizing ingredients including collagen, soybean extracts, and soymilk liquid. Other masks from the Japan Gal Pure 5 series include their Ceramide Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Mask for smooth and soft skin, and Placenta Mask for dull skin. Provide your skin with luxurious treatment to achieve the skin health you desire.

Along with their Pure 5 series, they have also launched some unique cosmetics such as Waganic, an organic cosmetic line that is packed in a wooden container; as well as a foaming toner that is kind to children and is suitable for hydration after shaving.