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    Kouta Shoten

    This brand is a Japanese food company founded in 1948, which is mainly involved in the processing and distribution of agricultural products such as kinako (roasted soy powder), potato starch, beans, and pickles from Ibaraki Prefecture. Whatever the Kouta Shouten harvests from its field is literally the blessings of nature, and consumers can enjoy the original flavors of their crops. Indeed, their selection has expanded to 400 items, and this means that their products are gaining wide attention and growing popularity in the Japanese grocery markets.

    You might like to try their hoshiimo dried sweet potato snack. Made of a sweet and creamy cultivar called Beniharuka, you can sense its deliciousness when chewing it. Its flesh is softer than other types of sweet potato, so children and the elderly can also enjoy this snack conveniently. Their foods provide you with the blessings of nature, and help you eat a wholesome diet.