Mitsui Norin

Mitsui Norin Co. Ltd. produces tea beverages, namely green tea, black tea, and other tea-based beverages, and tea raw materials for households, hotels, restaurants, and vending machines. One of their achievements in the Japanese market is the fact that they familiarized Japan with black tea by creating the nation’s first domestic black tea brand. As a result, this allowed Japanese to appreciate black tea at a more affordable price; before this development, black tea was a luxury item in Japan.

If you regularly drink black tea, try their Nittoh Kocha Pure Japanese Black Tea. Made from a blend of Yabukita, the most commonly consumed tea cultivar, and Benifuki, Japan’s first-invented variety exclusively bred for fermented tea, it has a mellow and refreshing flavor with a faint sweet and clear aftertaste.

Mitsui Norin also produces a tea that is unique to Japan called royal milk tea. It is a mixture of black tea and milk with its milk ratio and sweetness being greater than that of British tea with milk.