If you are looking for Japanese instant ramen, it is a good idea to find one made by Nissin, but do not forget to also consider products from Myojo. Their Charumera Tonkotsu Ramen Instant Noodles, for example, not only recreate the taste and richness of the Kyusyu region’s street food but its noodles are also thin and consumers are recommended to half-cook the noodles, which is the common way of appreciating this ramen by local people. Although it is totally fine to cook noodles thoroughly just like other ramens this approach is worth trying.

What makes Myojo’s instant noodles different from others is the fact that this brand occasionally creates “mismatched” products. One good example for this is that they newly launched instant takoyaki-flavored yakisoba noodles, which is of course an unprecedented combination. In this sense, they also provide a sense of humor to further entertain their consumers.

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